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talk about something about lattice-beam-model


Dear Janek Kozicki,
Thanks for your answer.
you said"You said you waork with dynamic impacts, and I told you that my model is
not good for that. It has no collision and no dynamics..."
Yes, I know that, but I think my lattice solid model in the frame of DEM have the same idea of beam as yours.
I am interested in the relation between deformation and forces of 3D beam, beacause the relation and its description of computer 
language is very important in my lattice solid model. I ever developed it using matrix-displacement method of structural mechanics,
of course, if you are interested in it, I will send it to you.

about Lattice-beam-model and DEM running from Linux to Windows, My idea is: rewrite the code, but I must know what resource(only belong to Linux) used in the two model. Because I have a project related to it.
Best regards,
Liu Jun 

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