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Re: new 4hedra model help


Hello, thanks a lot for you 4hedra stuff. I will read it at the same 
time as rtunning it, which is not yet here.

A few comments on the current trunk:

comment the line (begins findType(...)): gives compile error and it is 
not used anyways. (current svn trunk , i.e. 1004)

2. Preferences loading works in a bizzare way; I have to add plugin 
directories manually to preferences->dynlibDirectories in 
Omega::scanPlugins. (otherwise, a 1-item list (directory "") is read 
back from the XML file). Then yade crashes. Right now recompiling with 
-ggdb3 to run it in gdb. Will report later on. Could you BTW flag in 
some way what revisions in the svn are buildable/runnable (perhaps some 
automatic tests on that run every night on a source farm or sth like 
that - projects like mozilla have that, too :-) ).

* get rid of qmake; parallel builds are AFAICT broken because qmake 
generates makefiles and doesn't support concurrent builds natively. I 
may try scons in some time (yes, it supports Qt out of the box also).

Naming suggestions:
  * Volatile Contact -> TransientContact (since transient/permanent are 
exact antonymes used in english; volatile is per analogy from chemistry 
and seems unsuitable; using permanent instead of persistent would have 
the connotation that it cannot break, so persistent is just fine)
  * abbreviate names; instead of PhysicalParameters, you can use 
PhysParams just fine (well, PhPms is too short and confusing) and I 
think it improves readability of the source.
  * for interacting/interaction, I will think about something better. 
Yes, it is confusing.

Janek Kozicki wrote:
> As another e yade-libs/yade-lib-serialization/src/yade-lib-serialization/ContainerHandler.tppxercise you can, for example write a little better
> version of Tetrahedron2InteractingMyTetrahedron. Which will place
> spheres *inside* the tetrahedron, because current method places them
> in a way that spheres mostly "go out" of the tetrahedron.
> You will see then, that after changing this place all the other
> calculations go correctly with the new spheres placement :)
> In any case, pursue in any direction you want. If you invent some
> funky InteractingGeometry and needed help with GLDraw'ing this
> geometry just ask, and I will help you with drawing it on the screen.

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