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Re: new 4hedra model help


>That will make the class names much shorter and more readable. Also
>I'm in favour to switching into lowercase names with underscore. And
>stop using CamelCase. Consider this class name for example, which
>name is better:
>  InteractingMyTetrahedron2InteractingBox4InteractionOfMyTetrahedron
>  big_4_spheres_AND_big_box_TO_ig_4x4_spheres

Well, it took me several minutes to understand the second convention 
(and still not sure what 4x4 means)... so i'd prefer to stick with the 
first one ;).
Or if you want a simplest naming convention, why not :


Is one information missing compared to 


Chareyre Bruno
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Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Laboratoire 3S (Soils Solids Structures) - bureau I08
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