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element insertion during a simulation



I tried to add it in scene.xml, unfortunately il doesn't work, I have 
the same problem. My element can interact with others but it still 
doesn't move, as if it was non dynamic in fact.

All my plugins are loaded ...

Lionel Favier

/well, in fact I didn't bother to edit the FileGenerator. 
I generated scene.xml with SDECSpheresPlane, opened the
scene.xml file and replaced PositionOrientationRecorder with
Sphere_Insertion. Also I removed the extra parameters for
PositionOrientationRecorder and added the position parameter for
Sphere_Insertion. All that by editing .xml file...

I didn't use a FileGenerator. Try this method. Currently I have no
other ideas... tommorow evening I'll send you my scene.xml (I deleted
that yade directory after replying to your last email, I need to
recreate it).

You don't get any errors about not loaded plugins?

# Janek Kozicki/

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