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Re: yade name change, current list


 >> Changing YADE's name is a "sensitive" case, because everybody is
 >> already using it.  My feeling is that if we change it, it should be
 >> for an outstanding phonetic name (with a real meaning) and not a name
 >> like "AACDR"

I agree; going for acronyms does no good, although it is a (dubitable) 
open-source tradition - just a play with words that no one takes seriously.
Speaking of obsidian (nice name), I have two more monerals with cute names 
and some other:

* eklogit
* skarn
* Isis (egyptian mythology)
* Nemesis (greek mythology)
* (Democrite, Leukippos, Newton, Oppenheimer (Oppie would be nice for 
abbreviation, but program Opie already exists) - we had those on the IRC)

BTW, Yade in Czech (with the english pronounciation, the "e" being dumb) 
means poison (jed).



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