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Re: yade name change, current list


That's the comment from Frederic about name change:

> Changing YADE's name is a "sensitive" case, because everybody is 
> already using it.  My feeling is that if we change it, it should be
> for an outstanding phonetic name (with a real meaning) and not a name
> like "AACDR"

I think that's the point. So instead of sticking to acronyms, we
better have a name that is an actual "word".

Here's the current list:

OX-frame         : open explicit framework (obviously :))
Opsidyan         : open software in dynamic analysis (the "in" should be a "for" probably...)
Obsidian         - O(b)pen S(i)oftware for D(i)ynamic ANalysis. (not exact acronym, but why not ;)
Edyc             : explicit dynamic code, or even :
Edy              : explicit dynamics
DCP              : dynamic computation platfrom (or even "discrete" computation platform) 
ODCP             : open dynamic computation platfrom 
OSPEM            : open source platform for explicit methods
OPEC/OPEX/OPEXCO : open platform for explicit computing
OFEC/OFEX/OFEXCO : open framework for explicit computing
Oxnam            : open and explicit

Pdm      - Platform for Dynamical Modeling
Pnm      - Platform For Numerical Modeling
Carss    - Computational And Research Software for Scientists
Vidaic   - Vidaic Is Delivering An Interplatform Computation
Sweet    - Scientific Workbench for Explicit Engineering Theories
Eos      - Extensible Open Simulation
Nodem    - Not Only Discrete Element Method

OpenDEMP : the Open source Discrete and Explicit/Element Method Platform
OpenDEM  : the Open source Discrete and Explicit/Element Method

# Janek Kozicki
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