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Re: Time Series Forcing implementation in python


> Ok, now I can read the force data from file, and I believe it is
> applying the forces to the particles (it now does not give me an error
> when I run the simulation but the particles do not move).
Can you send your script over? I think that could be just that too small
is applied or it changes very fast, so that you visually don't see any

> I looked at the LinearInterpolate.hpp file in
> trunk/pkg/common/Engine/DeusExMachina  but I did not see a
> LinearInterpolate.cpp file.
It is not an engine, just a function that does the interpolation (ok,
admittedly it shouldn't be in DeusExMachina directory...). There is no
such thing as DeusExMachina('LinearInterpolate',...), what would it
interpolate (force? rotation? mass?).

> If it cannot, do I need to write a new interpolating engine?  I
> imagine this would be written in C++, so could you give me some
> guidance on how to accomplish this if it is necessary?
Checkout r1741 from svn, and see scripts/test/interpolating-force.py and
run it. It should give you an idea.

I created InterpolatingDirectedForceEngine based on the assumption that
the direction of the force doesn't change (whence "Directed" in the
name), I hope I got right what you needed.

Regards, Vaclav

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