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Re: all yade users, please introduce yourself!


Chen, Feng a écrit :
I have added my section, everyone should know I am doing what now :-)
I saw two people (Bruno and Sergei) are also working on the fluid coupling with YADE, especially Seigei, I would be gald to discuss my work with you if you are interested.
Sure! I suggest we don't use Yade mailing list for this specific topic, as there is already a lot of traffic here these days (good to see btw). In short, Emanuele Catalano is interested in internal flows in dense packings, using finite volumes.



Chareyre Bruno
Maitre de conference

Grenoble INP
Laboratoire 3SR - bureau E145
BP 53 - 38041, Grenoble cedex 9 - France
Tél : 33 4 56 52 86 21
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