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Re: How do I create a tunnel/slope?


> Thank you everyone for the replies!  I will look into each
> suggestion.  Sorry, I'm still new to YADE, and have not yet tried python. 
> Varclav: Thanks for the Module Pack. But I don't know how to use it. 
> Do I need to copy the codes and create a file for it?  Which directory
> to store it?  Presumably, all i need to type in the python Terminal
> when I run the simulation is the command line to call the function?
You can type it in the python console, but that is really for playing
around (although often useful); the real thing is to let yade interpret
the whole script, like this:

$ cd examples/scripts
$ yade-trunk gts-horse.py

Looking at gts-horse.py should get you started a bit, you can write your
own simulation in a similar way. It is not important where you store
that simulation script. (Yade modules themselves (pack, utils, plot,
log, ...) are installed in such way that you can import them without
worrying about where they are actually installed.)

> Another question: can someone give me an example of how to use python
> for YADE, when the simulation is running?
Depends on what exactly you need. You can use the console, you can also
telnet to yade, there is python command entry in the Simulation
Controller gui.

HTH, Vaclav

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