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Re: R: Re: R: Re: Contact detection


Luc Sibille píše v Út 17. 11. 2009 v 18:46 +0100:
> Hi Chiara,
>    I give you below some references, I never spent time to read them, 
> but I think you can find usefull information:
> ** General about algorithmic:
> Knut, D.E. 1973 The art of computer programming, chap. 3, Sorting and 
> Searching. Reading Mass, USA: Addison Wesley.
> ** General about algorithmic applied to DEM:
> O'Connor, R. M. 1996 A distributed discrete element modeling environment 
> - algorithms, implementation and applications. PhD Thesis, MIT, 
> Cambridge, Massachusetts.
> ** Grid subdivision:
> Allen, M.P. & Tildesley, D.J. 1987 computer simulations of liquids.
> ** Quicksort or Heapsort
> see the reference above: O'Connor 1996.
> If you want a code where you can make comparisons between detection by 
> grid or detection from a quicksort there is SDEC (I think I made a 
> mistake in my previous mail: quicksort is implemented in SDEC (with grid 
> detection) and not the method "check everything with everything").

Giving SDEC as benchmark is not really fair; nothing against Frederic,
but as far as I know computing is not his strongest point. SDEC was
developed in the 90s and since then, there were quite advances in the
algorithm fields.

We do have a quicksort collider in yade, see

>  I 
> imagine that there are other codes but I don't know them. 
ESyS-Particle and LAMMPS were mentioned several times on this mailing
list recently. Is that a "not invented here" syndrome?


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