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Re: Logging & Debug


Thanks, Vaclav and Bruno.   I've tried using the TriaxialTest and it works great.  Thanks!

Q1.  However, I do not know how to use TRVAR3 yet.   Given that logging works for Triaxial Test, my settings should be alright.   In ef2_Spheres_Elastic_ElasticLaw, I see TRVAR3(currentContactGeometry->penetrationDepth,de1->se3.position,de2->se3.position).   So I set my logging.conf to:    log4j.logger.yade.ef2_Spheres_Elastic_ElasticLaw=TRACE 
This doesn't work.

I also tried using python, and it doesn't work too: 
from yade import log

Q2.  According to the website, after CREATE_LOGGE(TriaxialCompressionEngine), I am supposed to get a log file named yade.TriaxialCompressionEngine.  Where can I find this file?



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