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Re: Elastic energy


Hi Chiara,

according to those .pdf files that you have sent, shouldn't you maybe
include the U_tot in the plasticDissipation() formula?, for example
like this:

		if( shearForce.squaredNorm() > maxFs ){
			Real ratio = Mathr::Sqrt(maxFs) / shearForce.norm();
			Vector3r trialForce=shearForce;//store prev force for definition of plastic slip
			//define the plastic work input and increment the total plastic energy dissipated
			shearForce *= ratio;
			plasticDissipation +=(-shearDisp -(trialForce-shearForce)/currentContactPhysics->ks)//plastic disp.
			.dot(shearForce);//active force

where U_tot is shearDisp. I may be wrong, though - just an idea.

The graph is still  wrong, but it looks a little bit better.

best regards
Janek Kozicki                               http://janek.kozicki.pl/  |

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