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Re: For Debugging using kdevelop


Le 01/07/2010 21:28, Bruno Chareyre a écrit :
Kdevelop4 howto here :


Thanks a lot Bruno, I just needed this kind of page since my last update (involving your r2311 I guess). And in fact "for some reasons", opening the existing yade.kdev4 with KDevelop (4.0) does not work : it opens only a window in KDevelop containing :


And especially, the "onglet" (sorry for the french, but Bruno will understand) "Classes" does not contain anything, whereas before update, it did (after I succeeded somehow to create my kdevelop project)

So I tried to follow your instructions to generate a new one. I clicked on "Project - Open/Import a project". I got the attached picture "WindowImport.png" where I could not find neither where to "select project type custom build" nor "go to project option". A second window (WindowImport2") can be reached by clicking on "Next" (without selecting anything on this first window, thus). I can there ask for "terminate", once I made a choice between different types of compiling systems (no link with what is adviced on the wiki ?). Whatever the choice I make I get finally as the classes of the project only very very few one (see "Result.png" attached).

So, what did I miss ???

I hope it's clear, and that my questions will be useful for someone else.


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