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Re: Sample uniformity


On 11 July 2010 17:00, Luc SIBILLE <Luc.Sibille@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Chiara,
> What do you mean by "uniformity": by plotting the distribution of contact
> orientations, you can see if your sample is more or less isotropic but you
> cannot check like that if the sample is homogeneous. If it is this last
> point you want to check you would need to plot for instance the contact
> density, or the mean contact force value with respect to the distance from
> the sample centre.

Hi Luc,

you are right, I should have specified I was looking for an isotropic sample
more or less. But in fact you also remind me another related point I perhaps
guessed in the past. Can we visualize the distribution of contact force say
with thicker/thinner arrays according to the intensity of the force? How?


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