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Re: PSD triaxial


To achieve that I am fixing the sieve cure by controlling radius, and
I am trying different xyz and different number of particles, until I
get what I wanted. Can this be done in some better way?

Yes definitely. Define sieve curve with rad and deviation, define the
number of particles, define final size of the box, generate a cloud with
those parameters and grow particles.
but growing particles will change my sieve curve.

Ah... Its is never very clear for me, when people speak about PSD, if they consider a uniform scaling will change the PSD or keep it constant. Implicitly, I consider that uniform scaling (growth) keeps PSD unchanged, and in Yade it doesn't change the result (numerical proof : stress-strain curves are the same - theoretical proof from dimensional analysis).

If however you really want a precise value of final mean size, you can find analytically what is the box size corresponding to your "sieve curve", considering the number of particles and expected final porosity (lets say ~0.37). Then you'll define this box size instead of default 1x1x1. This is all analytic, no trial and error needed, really.


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