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Re: About the moment calculation in cohesion-friction model


hi Liqing,

I finally gave Law2_ScGeom_CohFrictPhys_ElasticPlastic a try in the cohesive triaxial test (with moment law), but I didn't see any problem. How is the situation on your side?


On 20/09/10 13:52, ?????? wrote:
Hello Vaclav,

You are right. I see the force is nan indeed. Thank you so much. Thank you for so warm help. I will check the contact law carefully. Thank you again.


At 2010-09-20 17:25:06??"Vaclav Smilauer"<eudoxos@xxxxxxxx>  wrote:

>>  I am sorry to tell you maybe there are some problems if the rolling
>>  resistance is considered in Law2_ScGeom_CohFrictPhys_ElasticPlastic.
>>  Yade give the error and stop the calculation. I thought maybe it is
>>  derived from the velositybins. But, I still cannot get the force value
>>  even if I deleted the all parameters in InsertionSortCollider.
>>  The mentioned error is described as follow:
>>  55217 FATAL
>>  yade.VelocityBins /home/jiaoliqing/yade/pkg/common/DataClass/VelocityBins.cpp:77 setBins: Body #12179, velSq=-nan not put in any bin!?
>>  Aborted
>>  Could you help me to check it? Thank you so much.
>That error is coming almost certainly from the contact law (unhandled
>division by zero or such); you can try saving the simulation just before
>the problem occurs (it should be always at the same place, if you run
>the same simulation) and the sub-stepping through the iteration using
>the inspector, you will see that the force will be nan after
>Cheers, v.
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