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Re: RFC: versions dialog


El Martes, 10 de Junio de 2008, Jaap Karssenberg escribió:

> Added a seond screenshot with a vertical layout. Seems to fit a bit
> better indeed.

	Ok, now that I've got your attention, I'll nitpick a couple more things ;-)

	First of all: what's the difference between comparing and diffing? I ask out 
of ignorance, I swear.

	Keeping the current options, another (compatible with the last screenshot) 
way of comparing/diffing pages is to avoid buttons altogether. You just 
right-click on one revision and select "Compare ..." or "Diff ...". That will 
bring up a dialog ("Compare with" or "Diff with"; maybe "With page", to avoid 
two different dialogs). There would remain only one button on the bottom of 
the window, to compare (or diff) whole notebooks.

	Another way of doing it: you keep three buttons at the bottom of the 
window, "Compare", "Diff" and "Diff notebook". But the selection of "source" 
and "target" page (are those the right names?) is done through a menu that 
comes up when you right-click on the revisions. So I go to revision 1, 
right-click, and select "Source page"; the line of that revision gets a nifty 
flag (or something alike, like changing the line to a different colour), so I 
remember what's the source page. Then I do the same for the target, but with 
the option "Target page", getting another, different flag to mark it. Then I 
click on the "Compare" button and a window comes up with the result of the 

	My 2 cents, anyway.

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