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Re: Document folder and document root - difference


2009/1/26 Pablo Angulo <pablo.angulo@xxxxxx>:
> Hello, Dotan:
> I'd like to disagree, but not too much:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> ...what other application can read the wiki-style code anyway...
> Well, I like about zim that it's just text files I can hack using very
> simple string manipulation in python, and edit with any editor just in case.
> Another example: zim doesn't have the "replace in all open files"
> capabilities of a text editor like geany, and I've used geany to do the
> job for zim (nothing important, just to clean my own mess).
>> there is no need for it to be anywhere other than a hidden .zim directory.
> on the other hand, I can also mess with the files if they are in the
> .zim folder.

Exactly, you as a power user can play with the dotfiles just as if
they were not hidden. My mother in law, however, can't seem to keep
herself from poking around (and fidling with, by accident she says)
all the non-hidden folders in her home directory. If it's not meant to
be manipulated with a file manager, let it be hidden!

Dotan Cohen



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