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Re: Document folder and document root - difference


Dotan Cohen wrote:
If xyz was called A and lmn was called B, then do not start calling
anything else A or B. That will only lead to confusion when people say
"I am using A" and you have to ask "the original A or the new A".
Worse yet, you might not ask and _assume_ the wrong one. I suggest
these new names:

I agree with you in theory. But until we hit 1.0 I will break this rule occasionally if it makes the concepts of the applications as a whole more obvious. When the python release comes out this will be the logical point for some of those breaks.

But not yet decided.

"document folder" -> "attachment folder"
"document root" -> "~/.zim" and don't ask the user. No other
application asks the user to select where application-specific files
will be saved. As these file are intended to be used in Zim only (what
other application can read the wiki-style code anyway), there is no
need for it to be anywhere other than a hidden .zim directory.

The document root is _not_ the notebook root. The document root is where other files can be found that are specifically not application specific. E.g. Ubuntu has a default directory called ~/Documents, this is the logical default for the document root.

For the notebooks itself one could argue to put them in an application specific directory. But I will never use a hidden folder for that. There are 2 reasons I will never do that:

1) A lot of users do not even know there are hidden directories and will not be able to find the text files. 2) The risk of backup schemes that do not backup hidden directories is to big

I want users to know there pages are safe and readable without zim. Therefore I consider it a design rule to never put user data in hidden directories.



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