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Re: Online storage


2009/11/20 Pedro <pedro100@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Ok everybody, we should get back on topic.
> There are many possibilities, i myself use a bazaar repository over SSH and
> am quite happy with it.

I think that bzr should be enough for synchronization, as it supports
ssh and http[s], and to synchronize changes with another computer in
either direction the requisite can be as simple as just having bzr
installed in both computers.

What is needed is a GUI to support this, and ideally to support
solving merge conflicts.

> But that is not what i intended to discuss. For example, in my case, i have
> to manually commit and push the changes to the remote branch, i'm kind of ok
> with that but i don't think that is very intuitive for a less tech savy
> person.

Agreed. I am using the bzr CLI too to keep my notebooks in sync across
different desktops and my portable.



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