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Re: Handling of underscores in page titles


2010/1/20 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I personally have no need for underscores in filenames, but I think
> that it is a valid enough use case to support it. Especially
> considering the alternative use case which features like this are
> sacrificed for.

I am not interested in underscores in filenames and I do not edit any
external file reference (until lately, more on that later) as I
_always_ drag external file references into zim with the drag and drop
functionality. What I am really picking on regarding Zim is that if I
call a page: "Description of var_ref address area", then all pulled
links to this page will be called "Description of var ref address
area" and this is annoying.

I do not know what happened to the drag and drop of files, but now
there is a file:/// up front. Per default it is an absolute link, and
it is not possible to make it relative with the ctrl-e dialog as this
put in file:// when pressing ok. I have to edit the page .txt file
with vim to make links relative to zim Document folder.

By the way, when did the Text and Target fields of the Link edit
dialog change positions?