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Re: ms-outlook uri support


On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 4:32 PM, Greg Warner <gdwarner@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As far as I know, the outlook URLs cannot have a double-slash following
> the colon.  I'm pretty sure that is an Outlook implementation detail and
> not related to my particular link-generation program or the required
> registry settings.  If such is the case, then paste re-writer simply would
> not work.  (In my first experiments, I added the double-slashes, in which
> case it correctly recognized it as a URL and opened outlook, but outlook
> gave me an error).

I found back the previous discussion here:

Just tested it on a standard XP system (no special tricks what so ever) and
I can confirm that an "outlook://" URL works to open a folder in outlook.

But from a quick internet search it looks like "outlook://FOLDER" and
"outlook:ID" might be separate schemes, where the first needs the full path
and the second only an unique ID. But not entirely sure about this.  If
anyone could check this and document it (or reference some documentation
about it), we can make sure the solution supports all modes.

What do you think about this option:
> Outlook URLs are entered with the double-slash (ie. outlook://GUID_HERE),
> but when clicked, they are re-written to omit the double slashes?

That is fine with me - no conflict with zim pages in this scheme. But
wouldn't it break the case where we use "outlook://FOLDER" ?

-- Jaap

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