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Re: Firefox addon - Zim-clip 0.5.2 : alternative location for Zim


Hi Jaap, Nomnex and all.

Le 08/04/2013 13:32, Jaap Karssenberg a écrit :

What do you see if you open zim mulitple notebooks without using
zim-clip, or when you open the same notebook multiple times without
zim-clip ?

If similar behavior it is unrelated to zim-clip and likely due to the
trayicon plugin and/or XFCE panel. If so, please open a bug report for
further discussion.



I see why there is two tray icons (and two instances) when using zim-clip.

(1) When I Open Zim from an application launcher ( ~/path/to/zim.py) I have 3 processes :

	--ipc-server-main /tmp/zim-rnb/zim-server-socket 30

(2) When i do an action from zim-clip (/path/to/zim.py --plugin quicknote ...), it creates 3 new processes :

	--ipc-server-main /var/tmp/zim-rnb/zim-server-socket 30

(3) Now running a zim-clip action with zim closed. It creates 3 zim processes :

	--ipc-server-main /var/tmp/zim-rnb/zim-server-socket 30

(4) If I run now Zim from terminal (/path/to/zim.py), it creates 3 new processes :

	--ipc-server-main /tmp/zim-rnb/zim-server-socket 30

So when I run Zim from Gnome, zim-server-socket is created in /tmp/zim-[user] ; when I run Zim from zim-clip/Firefox, zim-server-socket is created in /var/tmp/zim-[user].

For those who want to test, here's a simple Firefox add-on that creates a widget which runs Zim (zim folder needs to be defined in the preference page):


xpi are simple zip archives. Source code is in resources/run-zim/lib/main.js

I have to find why zim-server-socket is created in a different place...


Rui Nibau
email: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
im: rui.nibau@xxxxxxxxx
site: http://omacronides.com

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