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Re: Copy-pasing verbatim text pastes unwanted newline at the end


Adrian Fita a écrit :
This happens when selecting individual lines as well, not only multiple
lines. And I select until the end of the line with Shift+End. Pressing
Shift+Right arrow to unselect the last newline actually unselects the
last character, so the selection doesn't contain the newline char at the
end of the line. But the pasted text contains a newline.


Fita Adrian

Doesn't work like that on Linux.
What happens if you add a space at the end of the line, then unselect the space ?

Or alternately, select the lines you want by placing the cursor at the beginning of the line, using the down arrow to select the line(s) wanted, then backspacing to the last caracter of the line ?
(Just in case the shift-end code was still present when you used it.)

Or again, using only the mouse to select the text, without using shift-end ?



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