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Re: It works. Thanks! (Ignore attached subtree to not contain zim pages, how?)


Hi Andreas.

I found it in zim's code and wrote as one of possible examples on how to implement ignoringan attached subtree in zim. The thing is that such names could have been intentionally left hidden and there could be issues while coping/moving/deleting a page or something else. Also ifit is not officially stated in zim docs there is a possibility that one day this approach won't work in the new version. Therefore I wouldn't recommend using this until Jaap confirms that it is safe. If it is so I think it is possible to modify the attachment browser plugin to show such folder in attachments view.

Regards, Pl.

On 01.01.2016 14:33, Dr. Andreas Wehler wrote:
Hello Pl.

Thanks a lot for your hint about hidden directories starting with "." or "_". It works. Very good! Also, all subdirectories and contents, even with ordinary
names, are ignored also, as in:

mkdir -p             .HideMe/InvisiblePage
echo "Hello world" > .HideMe/InvisiblePage.txt
echo "Year 2016  " > .HideMe/InvisiblePage/SomeAttachment.asc

Nevertheless you may link files in those directories as usual, just
adjust the path accordingly. I didn't know this possibility, which solves
everything needed. This gives the possibility to embed a whole tree of
any sort within zim.

This should also find its way into the zim help pages, assuming it is
a stable intentionally designed feature.

Thank you!

Best regards and happy new year,