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Re: curly brackets, escape them?


Hi Jaap, thanks for the note. I understand your point, but it does strike me as a bug none-the-less in that I've typed something in to the GUI which is then changed upon reloading.  Does zim have no facilities for protecting/escaping special characters in the underlying source when they are typed in the GUI? (Yes, the users can use a code block, but that's putting the obligation on them to protect characters.) Shouldn't it be that I shouldn't have to know the underlying syntax when I'm typing in the GUI?

BTW: What is the code block plugin? Do you mean source view?

On 01/07/2016 10:18 AM, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> Realize I'm responding to a quite old mail. However wanted to clarify
> that this is not a bug but intended behavior. In zim's wiki syntax
> those double curly braces are used to denote images. So the broken
> rendering screenshot shows broken images since the text does not
> match a file name.
> If you want to include wikipedia syntax in a zim page, it needs to be
> either formatted as verbatim text or included in a code block (using
> the plugin for code blocks). The rationale is that this is not normal
> text but some kind of code. So extra protection is needed to avoid
> conflicts with zim's code.

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