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Re: curly brackets, escape them?


Hi Joseph,

Yes that is the plugin I mean.

Agree, we should have an escape character for those sequences. But still
not sure whether it should be escaped automatically. Yes it presents the
user with unintended behavior, which in general is a bad thing. On the
other hand, being able to input wiki text directly is one of the strengths
of zim. Take that away by default and hardly any user will discover the
option to enable it.

Best thing, I think, would be to do the formatting as soon as they are
typed. At least that gives direct feedback.



On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 4:36 PM, Joseph Reagle <joseph.2011@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi Jaap, thanks for the note. I understand your point, but it does strike
> me as a bug none-the-less in that I've typed something in to the GUI which
> is then changed upon reloading.  Does zim have no facilities for
> protecting/escaping special characters in the underlying source when they
> are typed in the GUI? (Yes, the users can use a code block, but that's
> putting the obligation on them to protect characters.) Shouldn't it be that
> I shouldn't have to know the underlying syntax when I'm typing in the GUI?
> BTW: What is the code block plugin? Do you mean source view?
> On 01/07/2016 10:18 AM, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> > Realize I'm responding to a quite old mail. However wanted to clarify
> > that this is not a bug but intended behavior. In zim's wiki syntax
> > those double curly braces are used to denote images. So the broken
> > rendering screenshot shows broken images since the text does not
> > match a file name.
> >
> > If you want to include wikipedia syntax in a zim page, it needs to be
> > either formatted as verbatim text or included in a code block (using
> > the plugin for code blocks). The rationale is that this is not normal
> > text but some kind of code. So extra protection is needed to avoid
> > conflicts with zim's code.

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