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Re: Working as a team on Nautilis


Thank you for participating with suggestions. I know this bug would be much easier to do yourself than to teach me how.

Please think about the "gvie the man a fish vs teaching him how to fish" aphorism.

Please see comments intermixed.

On 03/29/2011 10:45 AM, Brian Murray wrote:

I'd add a comment similar to the following:

I tried recreating this bug with Natty Narwhal (11.04) and with nautilus
version 1: and was unsuccessful.  My new tab loaded
quite quickly and looked the same as the first.

It appears to me that there is great value in trying to reproduce these bugs in the latest release first rather than try to match versions. I've been having a heck of a fight with Natty on my desktop. Much better luck in a virtual Box VM.

Furthermore there seems to be other advantages to a VM. #1 protects my system from accidentally uncovering a real nasty and #2 a bug that is reproduced from a relatively clean install is easier to find than one on a system with years of incremental updates.

Do you see any issues with  bug-squading in a VM?

All of that information was gathered via the bug reporting process -
they likely used 'ubuntu-bug nautilus'.  However, you don't need to add
all that information.

Actually I was more interested in comparing the environment of the bug report to the environment I am using to test. My brief look at ubuntu-bug and apport-collect man pages didn't come up with an easy way to produce a report like that.

These probably aren't relevant.  I'm not quite certain where to go from
here myself, some things that come to mind though are:

What folder is the new tab trying to load?
What configuration values are there for Nautilus could it be one of
those? (I'd experiment on my own rather than ask.)

Also given the fact that there are detailed steps to recreate it I'd
search for any other open nautilus bugs that sound the same.  Please
double check before marking one as a duplicate of another though.

I don't have a lot more time today but will see if I can tie this into any other bug reports tomorrow. That does seem like a good practice. I will probably search the forums also which is what I'd do if it were my bug report.

Looking at the bug again I noticed some attachments which might provide
hints in recreating the bug.  They are GConfNonDefault.xt and
usr_lib_nautilus.txt.  The former one has information about Nautilus
settings and the latter has some information about packages they have
installed.  You might check to see if you have the same ones installed.
Back to my previous question about gathering system information in a convenient form. Can I get comparable files from my system or do I have to compare his GConfNonDefault.xt to the Preferences dialog and user_lib_nautilus.txt to dpkg --list on each library package?

Thanks again. I am making progress in understanding what to do, even though that might be hard to tell from my questions.


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