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Re: Reoccurring tasks blueprint


On Tue, 2012-02-21, Wolter Hellmund wrote:
but perhaps it should include the possibility to edit one single occurrence
so it differs from the rest.

Certainly, if user changed something it asks if these changes should be saved only for current occurrence. If you aren't using Evolution you may see how it works in Google Calendar - almost the same.

I don't want to say that I suggest just copy interface. GTG is task manager and not calendar, therefore it may need some other features (and vise versa, some features may be needless) for this functionality, so I suggest only look on "how other guys do it" in aim of reaching a good UI implementation which will be acceptable for most users.

For example, the window with recurring settings might be embedded (i.e. it appear only after click specific button, but embedded in taskeditor window), so the user will see a whole task and setting window in the same time - useful if task has a lot of notes.

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