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Re: Building on Mac OS X and GNU autotools


It would be desirable to get your patch compatible with SVN HEAD, and then we can submit your patches to the tree. I can do that for you or you can ask Igor for SVN write access, so long as you have an account at sourceforge. (Just send Igor a message on this list.)

For windows and linux, a contributor named Mylan is doing a fine job of taking periodic snapshots of SVN, building them, and putting those binaries on the sourceforge site for download by others. So the pains of building are removed for those not wanting to wait for a more formal release. Only the binaries, not the help files, and not the libraries are snapshotted.

It would be nice for your fellow Mac users if someone could volunteer to do the same for the Mac binaries (maybe, er, either of you two). Again, I think Igor can give you ftp write access to the sourceforge site, for the uploads. But then I might be assuming too much about the Mac platform in terms of uniformity and applicability of a common set of binaries. For linux I think we did static linking to get around the library version issues on those snapshots, and also on the formal releases.

I work only on Linux as a Kicad developer, and I am not using static linking. The makefile.gtk's support either type of build/link. And in makefile.gtk we have support for DEBUG=1 on the command line which dynamically links to debug forms of the wxWidgets libraries.


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