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Re: Building on Mac OS X and GNU autotools


On 27. okt. 2007, at 08:31, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

It would be desirable to get your patch compatible with SVN HEAD, and
then we can submit your patches to the tree. I can do that for you or
you can ask Igor for SVN write access, so long as you have an account at
sourceforge. (Just send Igor a message on this list.)

SVN HEAD seems to be in turmoil at the moment, but as soon as it stabilizes, I can merge my patches. I'm used to multi-platform development, so my patches shouldn't break the other builds.
I can see if I can set up a Linux box to verify the build just in case.
Btw., is there a buildbot available somewhere? I think I remember sourceforge offering like that earlier, but the offer was withdrawn IIRC.

Igor: If you give me write access, I'll take a look at this.


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