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Re: [PATCH] Ortographic mode for 3D viewer and minor cleanup


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On 10/07/2010 05:03 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> We'd like to see you contribute more.
> On the enums' commas, I usually leave them in there with the notion that
> you will be adding more and, why waist the time to go back and add that
> comma to extend the list?
> The language designers thought the same thing after a point.  This was
> not originally in the language and they it added after somebody asked
> for it.
> So now comes the compiler developer, who probably does not have as much
> experience as the language designer, and ties that warning to a
> -pedantic flag.  That is fine, since he also gave you the ability to
> turn off warnings on a case by case basis, which what I would suggest
> you do.  (Whatever way you are controlling the compiler flags.  I just
> let the cmake script do that for me.)
> It is part of the language, and many experienced programmers utilize it,
> and any compiler supporting C++ should handle it without voicing an
> opinion on it if asked to be quiet about it.
Your point is well made. I'll look into silencing gcc about this
specific issue, and I won't make noise about this in the future.

> And I cannot believe I actually spent all the time to write this.
> But getting you to contribute more is worth it.  Keep up the good work!
Thank you for taking the time to explain this. I will write a few lines
to be added to the coding policy detailing this issue, and how to
silence it in gcc (once I fugure out how it's done -- don't tell me, it
will be an interesting $ man gcc excercise for me).

I'm looking forward to making more contributions, and I'll be able to do
more as I tackle more parts of kicad and get familiar with the code.
What I'd like to see is OpenGL rendering in pcbnew, so that's what I'll
try to familiarize myself with next. The possibilities are endless.

BTW, It was an old comment of yours directed to me that convinced me to
download the kicad sources for the first time. :)

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