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Re: kidcad.info Domain



That being said, if you want to go forward with the legal action, there
are chances that neither the domain name, nor the sum invested in this
legal action will be recoverable. Since you mentioned investing a high
amount of money, I want to make sure you understand there may be risks.

Yes, in retrospect I should have used PGP, but I dont think all of the three use
PGP and have keys published.

Still, this does not seem to be a case of causal traffic sniffing, as there is no inherent value to the domain itself. I can not imagine ad revenue being more than a hundred bucks a year. At best! Nobody is linking to the domain and chances of typos heading there are close to zero. Even then, whoever did this would most likely have had displayed ads already. ICANN rules make it relatively simple to get this domain back and see
who registered it.
But yes, there is a chance money wont be recovered, but I'd take that chance.

That being said, I agree with you about tracking this down, but it might
not come out as we'd like it to. As Dick said, it might be easier and
cheaper to just think of a domain name. Also, if it's sensitive
information such as this one, you might consider using PGP tot encrypt
the emails. Anyone can intercept email traffic and read it nowadays.

Yes and no. You have to be at very specific points. I can not just sniff traffic you generate without some serious effort and money involved. I can not just walk into an internet exchange and hook up my equipment. I have been to many hosting facilities and the normal ones require at least a approved gov. id with pre-registration and custom locks on every rack. With the higher end ones having a few Racks of one customer in the middle with around 5 meters space around them in all directions and then another metal cage which can not be crossed.

With that amount of investment I'd guess there are better ways to generate revenue than snagging
up a quasi "worthless" domain.

That is why I think this has been in bad faith to hurt kicad and why this must be tracked down.



On 10/07/2010 05:53 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
I don't see why someone would illegally monitor the email of kicad
developers, and then try to profit from this, but being Transylvanian, i
would impale that person on the spot.

Since I am not familiar with all these customs, remind me to sit down
anytime we are in the same room together

I won't impale any of he kicad developers; you are safe. :P
If you wish, I will impale anyone who parks his oversized car in front
of your house. (Ever since you said it, I use this analogy to get out of
helping people with M$ products, very often).

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