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Re: Improving usability of KiCad


Hi guys,

> I'm find the idea of going QT interesting, but I have to ask the
> question: "Isn't QT slower?". It may be just me, but I get the feeling
> that wxGTK apps are the most responsive on my F13 box.

Well I've tried the performance of wxGC vs. QPainter and the QPainter wasn't faster (AFAIK a little bit slower). In general I like QT coding style and the API - although I think wxWidgets made a good step forward with the new release (2.9.1). For instance event binding is much easier now.
> I never questioned kicad's decision to use wxWidgets. I do think,
> however, of the 3d-viewer crashing on non-nvidia cards or nvidia cards
> with nouveau. I can reproduce it 100%. 

I don't think that wxWidgets can be blamed for this problem - my OpenGL GAL test programs work well with wxWidgets and an ATI HD4650. Have you tried other OpenGL applications (driver problem?)
> Are these and similar sort of
> issues common with wx? Would it be easier to switch to a different GUI
> system instead of patching up wx? If the answer to the last two
> questions is yes, then count me in on the effort.

Although I think that QT is better, the question for me is if the porting to a new widget toolkit is worth the effort. Because KiCad is in my opinion relative tight bound to wxWidgets porting requires surely a lot of work.

Bye ..
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