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Re: Compiling KiCAD release version March 2011


On 03/21/2011 04:30 PM, Milind Gupta wrote:
> Sorry I am still lost. So are you suggesting not to use windows?

The response was more general than your specific problem, and targeted at
those developers who have the skills, time and desire to support Windows.

Brian looks like uour guy.


I'm sure you know about the "file( DOWNLOAD )" support within CMake and all
the gnuwin32 utilities such as patch or sed.

With these building blocks, it should be possible to conger up magic from a
single CMakeLists.txt script that builds everything needed, one could even
go so far as downloading and installing mingw itself (optional).  

CMake would have to be installed first of course.

Sure, could even have a script which installs bazaar, no end to it.

We are getting a couple of these help me build Kicad requests per week now.

So achieving hero status is within reach  :)

Feel free to give the mechanism any name that might immortalize you.  :)



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