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Re: Strange eeschema behavior at zoom 0.7


Le 30/03/2011 19:49, Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

Seems Window specific (I did not see any problem under Linux Ubuntu 10.1).
Tested with wxMSW 2.8.11 and 2.8.12
But with wxWidgets 2.9.1, no problem.
Unfortunately wxWidgets 2.9.1 creates other issues.


What are problems with 2.9.1, and are they MS Windows specific?

On Windows, if we do the full CMakeList.txt file build I have been
advocating, this would entail using External Project to build wxWidgets too,
we can apply patches to wxWidgets before building it.


In fact, there are very few and very minor issues, but one.
The annoying one is related to floating point separator.

When the floating point separator is a comma instead of a point, an annoying behavior happens.

Gerbview displays always floating numbers (coordinates in status bar for instance) using a point.
Pcbnew seems OK.
The most annoying issue was seen with Eeschema.
When starting Eeschema, the schematic editor displays floating number using a comma (this is OK)
But depending on what dialog was opened (or after opening Libedit),
sometimes schematic editor displays floating number using a point, after closing the dialog.
This behavior depend on Eeschema version.

For instance, previously, when opening and closing Libedit (nothing else is needed),
eeschema revert to a point, but for now this behavior does not happen.

And for users, this behavior is very inconsistent.

And if your are entering (in a dialog) coordinates with the bad separator (that changes sometimes),
floating numbers in the dialog are not correctly converted.
(I must say I did not have a look to this issue, that should not occur,
 because inside Kicad, users should use a comma or a point as separator,
 whatever the current locale uses)

I did not noticed this issue with wxGTK.
I'll try to build Gerbview using latest svn wxWidget version (2.9.2) ASAP.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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