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Re: KiCad new look - new icons and new buttons


>>> I'm sure your thinking of all the variations of ADD_MENUITEM* in macros.h.
>>> Currently there are #if/#endifs around SetBitmap() to prevent bitmaps from
>>> being added to menus on OSX.  We could just as easily add another entry to
>>> config.h.in and a CMake definition to control if bitmaps get added to menu
>>> items.  The default behavior would be exactly what we currently have but they
>>> could be forced on or off at build time.  I'm am willing to make is so, if no
>>> one objects.  This is one of those issues where the builders might want to
>>> consult with the Kicad user group before changing the current behavior.
>>> Wayne
>> Agreed, do it.  You are not changing default behavior, but go ask if you want. 
>> I don't want to burn the bridge to menu icons, so you and I are on the same page
>> and since you are not changing default behavior, I see no reason to hesitate. 
>> The moment to moment behavior is not as important to me as is the option to
>> change one's mind later.
>> Dick
> I'll have a better idea when I can get this done after Irene passes through.
> Computers don't work very well without electricity.  We lost power at work for
> three days and at home for over a week when Isabelle came through.  If you
> don't hear from me over the next few days, you'll know why.  In the mean time
> I'll be battening down the hatches.
> Wayne

We hope Irene is kind to you, we need you in good health and spirits.

Run if you think you can, riding them out is not advised.

Wifey rode through Alisha, 1983, I was out of town.  I got the better deal.

The house rocked, trees fell on the house, and she was all alone.  Run if you can.


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