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Re: Plotting/fabricating in nanometers


Hi Jean,

> OpenGl creates problems under Windows and MinGw,
> because the available version is old (1.3) and GAL cannot be easily
> compiled.

I'm compiling it currently on Windows, it works so far well - I had only problems with GLEW and cairo, it wasn't found automatically. So I'm using hard-coded paths on my computer; I have to modify the CMake scripts or provide external variables for CMake. On Windows I've renamed Dick's POINT name alias for VECTOR2D to POINT2D, because POINT is already existing and I had some trouble.  
What kind of hardware are you using? I've raised the requirement to at least OpenGL 2.1, usually that shouldn't be any problem on a recent computer - because we're now at OpenGL 4.2 : 


If we need to support 1.3 I have to write some workarounds.


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