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Re: pcbnew version stuff


On 01/03/2013 12:15 PM, Moses McKnight wrote:
> Oops, .brd - not .pcb for the old format.
> Am 01/03/2013 12:13 PM, schrieb Moses McKnight:
>> Ok, my pcbnew version problems are different than I thought.  I'm using
>> the 12/30/2012 version from http://tuturutu.tode.cz/ (BZR 3874) and it
>> will load *.kicad-pcb files fine, but when I try to load a file saved as
>> .pcb it tells me it can't open it because it is format version 2 and it
>> only supports version <= 1.
>> "from C:\Dev\src\kicad\pcbnew\legacy_plugin.cpp : checkVersion() : line
>> 378"
>> I saved the file as .pcb using "Save As" in the lastest linux version
>> from Adam's PPA.

.pcb is an invalid extension.  Rename the file manually to that which it is, either a
kicad_pcb file or a brd file.

Then load it using the correct plugin, selected using the load dialog, dropdown combobox
to select plugin type (and file extenstion).

In the future, only save with either *.brd or *.kicad_pcb.

Very recent versions are more deligent about ENFORCING file extension based on file type. 
So you have done this before this new militancy was in place.

But in both save/load dialogs, the dropdown combobox selects the plugin and file format in
play (and file extension too.)

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