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Re: pcbnew version stuff


Am 01/03/2013 03:36 PM, schrieb Dick Hollenbeck:
On 01/03/2013 12:15 PM, Moses McKnight wrote:
Oops, .brd - not .pcb for the old format.

Am 01/03/2013 12:13 PM, schrieb Moses McKnight:
Ok, my pcbnew version problems are different than I thought.  I'm using
the 12/30/2012 version from http://tuturutu.tode.cz/ (BZR 3874) and it
will load *.kicad-pcb files fine, but when I try to load a file saved as
.pcb it tells me it can't open it because it is format version 2 and it
only supports version <= 1.
"from C:\Dev\src\kicad\pcbnew\legacy_plugin.cpp : checkVersion() : line

I saved the file as .pcb using "Save As" in the lastest linux version
from Adam's PPA.

.pcb is an invalid extension.  Rename the file manually to that which it is, either a
kicad_pcb file or a brd file.

Then load it using the correct plugin, selected using the load dialog, dropdown combobox
to select plugin type (and file extenstion).

In the future, only save with either *.brd or *.kicad_pcb.

Very recent versions are more deligent about ENFORCING file extension based on file type.
So you have done this before this new militancy was in place.

But in both save/load dialogs, the dropdown combobox selects the plugin and file format in
play (and file extension too.)

It was actually *.brd as I said in a follow-up email you must have missed. I don't know why I typed .pcb

I figured out by looking at the source that the windows binaries I was using must have been compiled without USE_PCBNEW_NANOMETRES defined. I compiled new ones using Brian's script and it now works fine. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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