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Re: Locale fix in KiCAD is not working (breaks my build)


On 03/15/2013 10:16 AM, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo wrote:
> I'm doing it with pleasure, there's nothing better than reading
> standardized code when
> you get used to an style.
> One question: I'm uncrustifying, and diff-checking my .cpps/.hs, as
> for sure I'd forget many things manually.
> It seems that it's adding spaces to align variable declarations in
> blocks
> int PYTHON_FOOTPRINT_WIZARD::GetNumParameterPages()
> {
>     int         ret = 0;
>     PyLOCK      lock;
>     // Time to call the callback
>     PyObject*   result = CallMethod( "GetNumParameterPages", NULL );
> Is this acceptable or enforced by our current policy?

Yes to acceptable.  I am sure I put that in the uncrustify config
file.  Look at my code, I do that all the time.

(Uncrustify aligns to the nearest tab stop, which is sometimes overly
far to the right, *but is better than not at all*.
I don't know that uncrustify uses tab=4 in that determination.....  It
should, but may not be.  You can also tell it just to find the nearest
column to the right.

The C++ code in uncrustify is pretty well written stuff, but sometimes
I dream about having unlimited time and making it even better that it
already is, which is crazy good. 
Its biggest problem is that it has to please too many personal tastes,
and that leads to a lot of config variables.)

To be honest, you can also mostly just look at my code, duplicate it,
and it will probably be acceptable.

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