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Re: Drawings on edge cuts layer in module editor


On 04/12/2013 11:29 AM, Kaspar Bumke wrote:
> I am finding it useful to have edge cuts drawings in modules as well. I have just been
> editing the files with a text-editor to change the layer and haven't encountered any
> issues. Would be good to (re?) enable selecting the Edge.Cuts layer in the module editor.

It was only Jean-Pierre that expressed some concern about this.  I was in favor of it, and
immediately enabled it in the specctra export support.

However adding it not a matter of re-enabling it.  It would require actual software
development, and that takes time and usually money.

We should be reluctant to proceed without first getting agreement from Jean-Piere as a
matter of courtesy.  I think that requires a little more conversation.

Do not confuse these statements as me volunteering to do the actual work.

I do have a patch from Thomas Spindler which is in my work queue which claims to allow
internal Edge.Cuts to be passed through to freerouter as keepouts.  I like the concept
there also, just want to look into the patch in detail first.

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