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Re: Drawings on edge cuts layer in module editor


Le 12/04/2013 21:15, Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :
On 04/12/2013 11:29 AM, Kaspar Bumke wrote:
I am finding it useful to have edge cuts drawings in modules as well. I have just been
editing the files with a text-editor to change the layer and haven't encountered any
issues. Would be good to (re?) enable selecting the Edge.Cuts layer in the module editor.

It was only Jean-Pierre that expressed some concern about this.  I was in favor of it, and
immediately enabled it in the specctra export support.

However adding it not a matter of re-enabling it.  It would require actual software
development, and that takes time and usually money.

We should be reluctant to proceed without first getting agreement from Jean-Pierre as a
matter of courtesy.  I think that requires a little more conversation.

I am not opposed to edges.cut items in footprints.
My concerns are more about graphic items which could create issues when on all copper layers. Currently, DRC does not consider graphic items on copper layers, namely edges.cut ( This is one of DRC enhancements which should be made.)
The more graphic items on copper layers, the more not detected DRC issues.
If a footprint has an outline which is on the board edge, the risk is small (anyway, there are already the other graphic items used to draw the board outlines), and my concerns were more for footprint outlines (on the edges.cut, therefore on all copper layers) inside the board. Note, footprints graphic items on external copper layers are already allowed (the designer is prompted when he places an item on copper layer). The reason is this is a way to build complicated shapes for microwaves applications (like coils). But, in this case, the DRC is *very* tricky, because these items define a "not equipotential" area (This means a segment is not a track, and you cannot define a net name for the whole area).

Do not confuse these statements as me volunteering to do the actual work.

I do have a patch from Thomas Spindler which is in my work queue which claims to allow
internal Edge.Cuts to be passed through to freerouter as keepouts.  I like the concept
there also, just want to look into the patch in detail first.

This is a good idea which also could solves issues when the board outline cannot be built.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS