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Re: The KiCad GAL new release



Netnames works fine now (with OpenGL and Cairo).
Cairo backend doesn't work properly, it is like if the old buffers are not
deleted. But sometimes the buffer is correctly refreshed. I attached a
picture resulting of a zoom out action. I also encountered this issue with
rev 4211

kernel : 3.10.3
mesa : 9.2
Cairo : 1.12.14

Best regards

2013/7/29 Maciej Sumiński <maciej.suminski@xxxxxxx>

> Hi Camille,
> On 07/19/2013 11:08 PM, Camille Delbegue wrote:
>> It is better but not perfect. Now netnames show on multilayers pads and
>> bottom pads but not on top pads.
> Could you test the current version? I have managed to fix the problem on
> my machine, so hopefully it should be fine with yours too.
> BTW: can you also try Cairo backend and test if it is still fine? Which
> version of Cairo do you use?
> Kind regards,
> Orson

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