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Re: [FEATURE] Component table viewer


Le 17/04/2017 à 22:51, Nox a écrit :
> I know that I already suggested that in another context but what about changing the undo/redo
> semantic to the more common approach to maintain an global undo/redo stack and switch the view
> accordingly? I know that the "per screen" is the established way in kicad and that it is very
> dangerous to break existing workflows. But the undo/redo behaviour is currently hardly
> "understandable" for beginners. E.g. why does the undo not follow my actions but stays on one view?
> Why does exporting the netlist break the undo? Why can automatic annotation not be reverted? The
> undo list wiped on a frequently basis that personally i hardly trust into the undo functionality at
> all.
> Would it be an option to introduce a "test version" of a global undo/redo to get some feedback from
> the crowed which way would be preferred?

For me, the problem is not to have a global or per screen undo/redo list, but what an user is
expecting when undoing/redoing a change.

We *always* expect to undo the last change.
Any undo/redo system has this behavior.

Now consider an editor (the schematic editor with 3 sheets for instance, but this is also the case
of text editors with 3 files opened and currently edited).

1 - in sheet1 you call a tool (component table editor, automatic annotation) which modify all sheets.

2 - after  that you enter sheet2 and make new changes then sheet3 and also make new changes.

3 - back to sheet1 and try to undelete the latest change in this sheet: this is the global change
(i.e. annotation). This is possible in sheet1.
But how can you undo this annotation in others sheets: this is not the latest change and cannot be
undone safely (you can have deleted/replaced/edited a symbol in other sheets, or deleted a sheet):
what is the actual meaning of "undo the annotation" in other sheets).

And ultimately:
What a undo (and therefore redo) command must undo:
1 - the latest change in the full schematic (global undo/redo)
2 - the latest change in the currently edited (active) sheet (local undo/redo)

This is a choice, and the answer is for me not trivial.

It could be worth to know what is the option for global/local changes in a schematic hierarchy in
other schematic editors.

Multi-file text editors can undo the latest change only in the active file, not in all opened files.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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