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Re: Dealing with addition to kicad_pcb files


I thought of a better way to handle design rule files (herein referred
to DRFs).  Either add LoadDesignRules() and SaveDesignRules() to the
PLUGIN object (which really needs to be renamed PCB_PLUGIN now that we
also have SCH_PLUGIN) or create a separate DRF_PLUGIN.  My preference is
the former.  Both of these methods would be implemented for kicad board
files which would be useful for saving design rules in the kicad_pcb
file itself and exporting them to a stand alone file which could be
imported into another board design.  For third party plugins, only DRF
loading would be provided for apps (such as eagle) that save their
design rules in a separate file.  One thing that would make doing this
somewhat easier is if we had a DESIGN_RULE_MANAGER object that managed a
list of DESIGN_RULE objects.  I think the DESIGN_RULE_MANAGER would have
to happen before we start importing third party and/or creating our own
custom design rules.  Obviously this is going to be a large design
effort so before anyone starts writing code, we should create a proposal
so that we can come to some kind of consensus on the design and

On 8/31/2017 4:44 PM, Bastian Neumannn wrote:
> Having the design rules imported from eagle via a python script is the
> way to go IMHO. I don't see the benefit of adapting to a proprietary
> file format.
> Having a warning shown is a better way than not starting up at all. 
> I might have a look at it tomorrow.
> Cheers,
> Basti
> Am 31.08.2017 10:18 nachm. schrieb "Tomasz Wlostowski"
> <tomasz.wlostowski@xxxxxxx <mailto:tomasz.wlostowski@xxxxxxx>>:
>     On 31.08.2017 19 <tel:31.08.2017%2019>:59, Simon Küppers wrote:
>     > Does it make sense to maybe use something like the EAGLE DRU Format?
>     > Maybe make it fully compatible to it? Some fabs give you the EAGLE
>     DRU File.
>     >
>     >
>     Hi all,
>     IMHO a warning on unrecognized token while parsing files is a must - in
>     many cases users run nightlies to benefit from the latest features, but
>     board manufacturers or companies run the stable release (due to IT
>     restrictions or just worries about stability). Current situation makes
>     this difficult (see complaints on the forum...)
>     As for the DRU format - I wouldn't standardize on anything proprietary.
>     Also Eagle's design rules are somewhat simpler than what we're aiming at
>     in Kicad.
>     Tom
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