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Re: GitHub Plugin (my nemesis)


Am 23.09.2017 um 16:29 schrieb Simon Küppers:
> Just to be clear, currently, the plugin does not use GIT. It uses a
> proprietary GitHub Interface.
> I also checked out gitslave and similar stuff some time ago, but
> internally, I was not really satisfied.
> One point against something like this might be, that we actually make
> the work of the maintainers even harder (?) by expecting them to use a
> specific tool that is not even available on Windows (?). After all, the
> idea is to make their life easier (and if there might pop out a standard
> GIT Plugin at the end, nobody would complain :-))
> Looks like this is a really hard problem to solve using the standard
> tools and protocols :-(

If it's not clear what problem is to solve than it's of course difficult
to provide a generic solution for all OS.

Once again, what is the expectation on such a tool? I still can't see
any accepted agreement what developers should programming? I would start
here before thinking about which protocol can be used.

If the question is to be more flexible on remote available libraries and
not only relay on the existing GitHub solution than please define first
what a generic solution would or should be created. Otherwise just one
more thing will evolving.

There is more than GitHub and GitLab outside. I can simply put a zip
archive somewhere with some metadata inside anywhere for example. What
need to be inside that metadata so a library manager can decide what the
content is and where it needs to be locally stored.

That brings then the question, we need to be clear how and where to
store such local data. And that of course for all operating systems.

(PS: Please cut of that unneeded data if top posting is needed.)

Carsten Schoenert

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