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Re: Debugging Kicad, can this be done with Qt creator?


Hi Cedric,
I have no experience with that scenario on Windows.
Looks you tried to open cmake project directly with QT,
another possibility as I describe before is to do everything manually (eg on your command shell ) and use QT as an editor and trigger external builds. Maybe just need to change make calls or point to the right build kit.. but I am not sure.

Libraries dependencies is also a very difficult ( for me ) subject on Windows, some other people could help you.

If you want go easy and lazy, using some Linux environment is better to build kicad ;)


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Subject: Re: [Kicad-developers] Debugging Kicad, can this be done with Qt creator?

Hi All,
I've followed the following guide. This gave me a working Qt from MSYS2:

Next step is to get rid of the error "For MinGW make to work correctly sh.exe must NOT be in your path."


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>Onderwerp : Re: [Kicad-developers] Debugging Kicad, can this be done with Qt creator?
>Thank you Mario,
>I've first installed Cmake, and then made QtCreator aware of it using this manual:
>This works fine, but I now I'm using the mingw32 compiler from Qt. This compiler does not have the dependencies from the libraries Kicad uses.
>Next step for me is to see if I can add some form of graphical debugger to MSYS2. This should be possible, as I can launch my compiled version of Kicad (which is a graphical program) from the MSYS2 command prompt.
>PS, is it helpful, or harmful that I do a "reply all" instead of replying to only the development list?
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>>Onderwerp : Re: [Kicad-developers] Debugging Kicad, can this be done with Qt creator?
>>No need to share project files, its as easy as:
>>git clone kicad
>>mkdir kicad\qtcreator
>>Now create the build path/files with CMake as you normally do.
>>QtCreator -> NewProject -> Import project -> Import Existing Project
>>ProjectName: KiCad
>>Location: kicad/qtcreator
>>select kicad/qtcreator for now...
>>Remove GIT if you do not want use it
>>Go to project KiCad, right click, Add Existing Directory
>>SourceDirectory: choose kicad main folder
>>press StartParsing
>>Checkbox the kicad folder in the list
>>press OK
>>( Wait.... )
>>Go to Projects and use (or create) a Build settings that point to the Build directory that you previously created with the cmake.
>>Other possible and more easy way with QT Creator is to just open the CMakefile as a project
>>QtCreator -> Open project -> CMakeLists.txt
>>then you must deal with cmake process, and thats it ...
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