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Debugging Kicad, can this be done with Qt creator?


Hi Mario,

I have done the lazy route by using arch linux (manjaro) and opening the project in Qt. The first breakpoint has been hit, so I can start my devel work :-) .

I will reinstall manjaro, and document the steps I've taken. Then I will post a patch on compile.md.

Cheers and happy new year,

>Hi Cedric,
>I have no experience with that scenario on Windows.
>Looks you tried to open cmake project directly with QT,
>another possibility as I describe before is to do everything manually (eg on your command shell ) and use QT as an editor and trigger external builds. Maybe just need to change make calls or point to the right build kit.. but I am not sure.
>Libraries dependencies is also a very difficult ( for me ) subject on Windows, some other people could help you.
>If you want go easy and lazy, using some Linux environment is better to build kicad ;)

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