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Re: Bus upgrades merge


Le 30/03/2019 à 13:33, Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
> Jon,
> I wanted to test complex hierarchy bus net connections which I just
> haven't had time to look at.  JP, did you check this during your
> testing?  If so and you didn't find any issues, then I will merge this
> as soon as I get a chance.  If not, then I would like to test this and
> make sure there are no issues before we merge it.
> Cheers,
> Wayne

Yes I tested it with a few large projects an a large and complex (4
sheets using the same file) hierarchy (but only one sample)
I already sent to Jon this test project (unfortunately not free).

I did not see issues with the latest code.

However I found a usability issue (noticeable with large projects):
I am guessing the netlist is updated after each schematic change.
On my computer (not a slow computer) for large designs this update after
each change takes 1 to 2 seconds on W7 32bits.
This is a bit annoying.

But the actual issue is the fact there are too many useless updates,
especially before a symbol is actually added to the schematic:
When I tray to add a new symbol (from the Place symbol tool or from the
hotkey "C") it looks like there is an update when the symbol is loaded
(but not yet placed) and during placement each time the symbol is
modifed (rotated, mirrored, converted...).

I also see this delay when entering or leaving a hierarchical sheet.

For large designs, this could be blocking.
Perhaps the immediate update could be disabled (option?) for large designs.

(Jon already knows that)

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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